Sending E-Mails

The NucleosUserBundle has built-in support for sending emails in two different instances.

Password Reset

An email is also sent when a user has requested a password reset. The NucleosUserBundle provides password reset functionality in a two-step process. First the user must request a password reset. After the request has been made, an email is sent containing a link to visit. Upon visiting the link, the user will be identified by the token contained in the url. When the user visits the link and the token is confirmed, the user will be presented with a form to enter in a new password.

Default Mailer Implementations

The bundle comes with three mailer implementations. They are listed below by service id:

  • nucleos_user.mailer.simple is the default implementation, and uses symfony mailer to send emails.

  • nucleos_user.mailer.noop is a mailer implementation which performs no operation, so no emails are sent.

Configuring the Sender Email Address

The NucleosUserBundle default mailer allows you to configure the sender email address of the emails sent out by the bundle. You can configure the address globally or on a per email basis.

To configure the sender email address for all emails sent out by the bundle, update your nucleos_user config as follows:

# config/packages/nucleos_user.yaml
    # ...

The bundle also provides the flexibility of allowing you to configure the sender email address for the emails individually.

You can similarly update the nucleos_user config to change the sender email address for the password reset request email:

# config/packages/nucleos_user.yaml
    # ...

Using A Custom Mailer

The default mailer service used by NucleosUserBundle relies on the symfony mailer library to send mail. If you would like to use a different library to send emails or change the content of the email you may do so by defining your own service.

First you must create a new class which implements Nucleos\UserBundle\Mailer\MailerInterface which is listed below:

namespace Nucleos\UserBundle\Mailer;

use Nucleos\UserBundle\Model\UserInterface;

interface MailerInterface

     * Send an email to a user to confirm the password reset
     * @param UserInterface $user
    function sendResettingEmailMessage(UserInterface $user): void;

After you have implemented your custom mailer class and defined it as a service, you must update your bundle configuration so that NucleosUserBundle will use it. Set the mailer configuration parameter under the service section. An example is listed below.

# config/packages/nucleos_user.yaml
    # ...
        mailer: app.custom_nucleos_user_mailer