Configuration referenceΒΆ

All available configuration options are listed below with their default values.

    db_driver:              ~ # Required
    firewall_name:          ~ # Required
    user_class:             ~ # Required
    use_listener:               true
    use_flash_notifications:    true
    model_manager_name:         null  # change it to the name of your entity/document manager if you don't want to use the default one.
    use_authentication_listener: true
    from_email:             ~ # Required
        retry_ttl: 7200 # Value in seconds, logic will use as hours
        token_ttl: 86400
        from_email: # Use this node only if you don't want the global email address for the resetting email
        mailer:                 nucleos_user.mailer.simple
        email_canonicalizer:    nucleos_user.util.canonicalizer.simple
        username_canonicalizer: nucleos_user.util.canonicalizer.simple
        token_generator:        nucleos_user.util.token_generator.simple
        user_manager:           nucleos_user.user_manager.default
        group_class:    ~ # Required when using groups
        group_manager:  nucleos_user.group_manager.default
        route: ~ # Required