NucleosUserBundle stores canonicalized versions of the username and the email which are used when querying and checking for uniqueness. The default implementation makes them case-insensitive to avoid having users whose username only differs because of the case. It uses mb_convert_case to achieve this result.


If you do not have the mbstring extension installed you will need to define your own canonicalizer.

Replacing the canonicalizers

If you want to change the way the canonical fields are populated, create a class implementing Nucleos\UserBundle\Util\CanonicalizerInterface and register it as a service:

# config/services.yaml
        class: App\Util\CustomCanonicalizer
        public: false

You can now configure NucleosUserBundle to use your own implementation:

# config/packages/nucleos_user.yaml
    # ...
        email_canonicalizer:    app.my_canonicalizer
        username_canonicalizer: app.my_canonicalizer

You can of course use different services for each field if you don’t want to use the same logic.


The default implementation has the id nucleos_user.util.canonicalizer.simple.